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Whilst in the past our customers mainly requested standard silos and simple plants nowadays they are increasingly requesting the delivery of complex complete systems.
That is why, in cooperation with our customers, we take innovative approaches to solving a wide range of technical problems.

With the aid of computer simulations and test setups, we are able to test systems in advance in terms of their functionality and effectiveness. In addition, this allows us to determine technical details and check the economic efficiency of the entire plant. If a project involves the conversion of existing facilities or processes, the respective installations can be virtually adapted and integrated in advance before they enter production.

We would like to briefly present some of our innovations to you:

Lime ship

The lime ship was created as a water treatment solution to raise the pH value in the inland lakes in the Lusatian mining region.

PIRAT research project

One of the main goals of this project is to recover phosphorus as a finite raw material from municipal wastewater.


Lime milk settling container

The task: to provide a robust and reliable lime settling system for continuous lime milk production.