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Lime milk plants

Plants for the production of lime milk round off our product portfolio.
In addition to the silos for storing the lime, we also offer you the necessary equipment technology. Combined with a higher-level control unit, you get a solution tailored specifically to your needs from a single source. The elimination of interfaces ensures a smooth process and makes a significant contribution towards shorter project runtimes.

Turnkey lime milk plant

Lime milk plants are mainly used to raise the pH value of acidic water, in order to produce reactivity for subsequent processes or to be able to discharge wastewater into public sewage systems. 

Use in flue gas cleaning or waste conditioning is also conceivable. When the air is desulphurised, the lime milk binds the sulphur and flushes it out.


Depending on the different requirements, the application is dissolved via a preparation tank or a disperser.

You can also obtain more information about the lime milk plants in talks with our competent staff.
Go ahead and ask us about them!