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Lime ship

The lime ship was created as a water treatment solution to raise the pH value in the inland lakes in the Lusatian mining region.

The ship is equipped with a liming plant. This comprises a 25m³ lime bunker, two discharge lines and two mixing lines with a capacity of 12m³/h each. The modular design facilitates the flexible use of the vessel.

The mixing into the liquid phase is performed using the injector principle by means of a numerical simulation. Optimal mixing was demonstrated in the application case. The efficiency of 86% far exceeds the values achieved so far. Due to the successful operation of the first ship, further lime ships were manufactured.


Lime milk settling container

The task: to provide a robust and reliable lime settling system for continuous lime milk production.

PIRAT research project

One of the main goals of this project is to recover phosphorus as a finite raw material from municipal wastewater.