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PIRAT research project

Energetic process optimisation and implementation of resource efficient wastewatertechnologies
at municipal wastewater treatment plants (PIRAT)

Since 2018, we have been collaborating with several universities and companies on an international research topic by the name of P.I.R.A.T. One of the main goals of this project is to recover phosphorus as a finite raw material from municipal wastewater. Our task consists in supplying the experimental plant required for this.

Delivery to the end customer is scheduled for mid-2021.

Function of the plant:

  • Phosphorus redissolution from metal compounds by means of acidic and, if necessary, alkaline redissolution
  • Phosphorus redissolution from sludge by anaerobic phase

Binding of the metal ions by means of complexation, neutralisation and subsequent precipitation and thus MAP/CAP production.


Lime ship

The lime ship was created as a water treatment solution to raise the pH value in the inland lakes in the Lusatian mining region.

Lime milk plants

Lime milk plants are mainly used to raise the pH value of acidic water, e.g. to be able to discharge wastewater into public sewers. 
Use in flue gas cleaning or waste conditioning is also conceivable