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For three decades umtec has stood for outstanding quality in the field of silo and plant construction. Starting as an engineering office with five employees, we developed into a leading company in the field of silo construction. The standard silos that were initially manufactured were soon followed by more complex multi-chamber silos and filler towers. Turnkey lime milk plants, bulk materials plants and the appropriate conveyor technology now round off the company’s service portfolio.

Sheet steel silos

Sheet steel silos are used in many industry sectors. They are used to store raw and auxiliary materials (e.g. lime) as well as waste products (e.g. sewage sludge).

Silo components

In addition to the pure silos, umtec also offers the associated equipment technology.
In this way, you obtain a functional plant without any interfaces and have only one contact person for the spare parts service.

Conveyor technology

Conveyor technology is another of umtec’s field of activity.
We manufacture customised tubular screw conveyors and trough screw conveyors that are used in many areas of the raw materials and processing industries.