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Water treatment


Another of our fields of activities comprises water treatment plants.
They are used for the treatment of mine and surface water and are either stationary or mobile in design.

Water treatment plant

Strata water contaminated by mining (e.g. with iron, heavy metals, arsenic) or surface water can be recycled in these plants.


If the water to be purified is heavily contaminated with iron, for instance, the first step is to add lime and introduce oxygen.
The lime is to raise the pH value and the oxygen is to ensure the fine distribution of the lime.

In the second treatment stage, a precipitant is added to the water-lime mixture, which causes the formation of iron flakes.

In the subsequent process stages of flocculation, sedimentation and sludge separation, the water is separated from the sludge step by step and returned to the water cycle.

You want to know more about the options of water treatment plants?
Go ahead and ask us about them!


Mobile water treatment plant

Contaminated deep water or surface water is also recycled in mobile water treatment plants.
The special feature here: the mobile facilities can be completely dismantled and the site can thus be renaturalised.


The process steps of aeration, flocculation and sedimentation are carried out as individual modules in differently equipped roll-off containers.
This modular system offers maximum levels of flexibility and can be optimally adapted depending on the location.

We would be happy to clarify with you what appearance a customised solution might take!