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Sheet steel silos

Sheet steel silos are used in many areas of industry. They are used to store raw and auxiliary materials (e.g. lime) as well as waste products (e.g. sewage sludge). Umtec plans, designs and manufactures all silos in its own factory, ensuring smooth and fast order processing.

Standard silos

Standard silos are used for the space-saving storage of loose, dry bulk materials. 
The designs differ according to the material to be stored and the subsequent installation site, among other things.


There are the following options:

  • Various cone inclinations
  • Flat bottoms
  • Insulation and heating
  • Double chamber and multi-chamber silos
  • Integration of the most diverse components (e.g. filter or bucket elevator, load cells)

Factory-welded standard silos from umtec can be manufactured with a diameter of 2,400 - 4,200mm and a capacity of 15 - 300m³. 
The silos can be filled or emptied either mechanically or pneumatically.

We will be happy to inform you about the options available in meeting your individual requirements!

Stand-alone silos

If you want to protect sensitive technology from wind and weather, a stand-alone silo is just the ticket. By extending the sheet steel cylinder to the floor, plant components can not only be protected from premature wear. Heating and insulation of the space under the cone is also possible in this way.


The compact arrangement of dosing and discharge technology means that even complete plants can be accommodated within stand-alone silos. Lime milk plants are an example of this. 

These can be completely assembled and wired in the factory and are ready for use on site after a short time.

Go ahead and ask us about them! We would be happy to hold talks with you about what appearance a sensible solution might take.

Multi-chamber silos

Multi-chamber silos are the optimal way to store several bulk materials in a small space - space-saving, cost-saving and with short discharge distances. 
Possible designs are two-, three- or even four-chamber silos, each with a single or double partition wall.


Either outlet plates or trouser outlets are available as outlets.

Would you like to know more? Contact our competent staff – We will be happy to advise you!


Filler towers

Filler towers constitute a special design of multi-chamber silos.
They consist of two silos placed one above the other, whereby the upper one usually serves as an external filler silo and is filled pneumatically. By contrast with this, the own-fill silo below is fed via a bucket elevator.


The main place of use for filler towers are asphalt mixing plants.
The following can be realised:

  • Diameter 2,900 to 4,200mm
  • Partition wall with single and double design
  • Trouser outlets

Would you like to know more? 
We will be happy to help you and provide you with individual consultancy!

Bolted silos

Bolted silos are the best solution when a particularly large usable volume is required. Silos with a capacity of 150 - 1,000m³ and a diameter of 4,500 - 7,000mm can be realised. They are often used to store loose bulk materials such as gravel, crushed stone or grit.


Umtec plans and designs individual silos or entire plants for you in 3D, which are then manufactured in our own factory in Germany and assembled on site.

Bolted silos are available in various designs:

  • Double and multi-chamber silos
  • Partition wall silos (single or double shell)
  • Various cone inclinations, flat bottom
  • with substructure extension and intermediate platform as loading silos

We would be happy to hold talks with you, about what appearance your solution might take!

Pressure shock resistant silos

If explosive bulk materials such as coal, flour or sewage sludge granulate have to be stored, then pressure-shock-resistant silos are the solution. 
An individual P&I diagram with complete safety equipment is created for each user case - for the safe operation and filling of the silos in accordance with ATEX standards.


We offer pressure-shock-resistant silos preferably in diameters of 3,200 - 4,200mm and with a volume of 70 - 300m³.
Depending on the product and silo size, the following equipment is realised:

  • Temperature monitoring
  • Explosion protection flaps
  • Rupture discs
  • Inertisation (incl. clean gas or raw gas analysis).

We also offer our own service for the maintenance of pressure-shock-resistant silos:

  • Electrical function test - preliminary acceptance at the factory
  • Engineering commissioning with personnel briefing
  • Professional inspection, including acceptance of the explosion damper (regularly at 12-month intervals)

Would you like to know more? Get in touch with our competent staff! We will be happy to advise you!